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A General Overview On Betta Fish Food

Betta is one of the most attractive varieties of fresh-water fish species with colorful bodies and elegant looking fins. This breed which holds the ability to breathe oxygen from both air and water is increasingly preferred for use in aquariums, especially, in homes. It is basically a carnivorous variety that feeds on live mosquito larvae, water insects, and zooplankton.

Betta Fish Food

In addition, it can be fed frozen or dried Betta fish food like Daphnia, glassworms, plankton, beef heart, tubifex, and brine shrimp. However, it is essential to keep staple supplements always on stock as the breed takes more than a week to get used to new products. betta fish food betta fish food-betta fish bowl Combination pellets is another food variety that includes a blend of mashed shrimp and bloodworms.

This can be easily purchased from pet stores and enables to improve the overall immune system and color of the fish. Some of the popular brands include Hikari Betta’s Biogold pellet and Bay Brand, which is primarily a kind of chilled dried bloodworms. Tips to provide betta fish food: The foremost tip is to offer flakes and pellets as it facilitates to meet the nutritional requirements of the fish.

In addition, it is important to avoid overfeeding as it could serious health problems like gastrointestinal problems, swim-bladder disease and constipation. It would be perfect to feed only three times a day which can be done at a stretch or by dividing the feeding time all through the day. It is highly recommended to give food in smaller quantities.

Likewise, it would be best to keep away from feeding once in a week to help it clear its gastrointestinal tracts. The diet can be varied by providing live betta fish foods like fruit flies, bloodworms etc. However, it would be beneficial to feed special type of treats only about 1-2 times in a week. The other major factor is to drop the foodstuffs in front of the betta to prevent if from hunting for the same. Incase the item is not eaten within 15 minutes it would be good to remove the product and tested later. It is thus very much necessary to take proper care and offer the right amount of betta fish food to maintain the longevity of the species.