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Breeding a Steel Blue Delta Male With The cambodian Female

I have also decided to spawn another pair that i liked, just hoping with fingers crossed to get some pastels. The father is a steel blue delta and the mother a opaque/cambodian/ pastel. She is the sister to my first spawn mother above. The father is probably around 12 months and is fully grown. He is leaning towards superdelta. The mother is a about 6 months, When i say she is opaque/cambodian/pastel i mean she has the cambodian body but with irridecince of an opaque. She has a lovely light turquoise tail with red through it.


Spawned 25/6/04 about 60 eggs or thereabouts.

5/7/04 ……..Unfortunately the father became very depressed after i took him out of spawning tank and never recovered. He died this morning. Despite attempts to treat him. I looked every square inch of his body over but found no sign of disease. He just lost colour and lied around at bottom of tank for a week. Betta’s are known for depression but this guy took it to new heights.

11/07/04 About 20 fry that i can see but alot of plant life going on.

Failed spawn.