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Siamese Fighting Fish

A Siamese fighting fish or Betta Fish is the most popular name in a freshwater fish. They are found in the rice fields of Cambodia and Thailand. Bettas are a great fish for those who are just starting out with a fish hobby. They don’t require a lot of care like some species do. They’re very inexpensive to purchase not including their tank and other supplies needed to care for them.

Many pet stores sell Siamese fighting fish in a vase with a Peace Lily floating in the water. The Betta will eat some of the roots from the Peace Lily in addition to its regular daily diet. When Bettas are in captivity, they are fed a diet of commercial Betta pellets. Place a few pellets in the Betta’s tank once every day and be sure to remove any left over food once he has finished eating. They usually eat for about two to five minutes. Leaving the left over food in the tank will cause the water to become cloudy and it will need to be changed much more often. Each male Betta should be kept in its own tank or they could fight.

You should never put two male Bettas in a tank together. They have been known to fight to the death, hence the name fighting fish. Depending on their aggressiveness, males should always be kept separate from one another. You can house them together for a very short amount of time only if necessary, but keep a close eye on them to ensure they aren’t fighting and injuring one another.

There are certain fish that your Betta should not be tank mates with, if you choose to use a larger aquarium such as a five gallon one or larger. Some fish are nippers. They will nip at the fins of other fish whether the other fish are aggressive or not. The Betta has brightly colored fins and these tend to be targets for nipping fish.

Siamese fighting fish are unique in one way that other fish species are not. They have a labyrinth organ in their head. This exceptional organ allows them to breathe air through their mouth. They swim to the surface of the water and take gulps of air. This air is used to make a bubble nest when it’s time to reproduce. The male is the creator of the bubble nest and the so called stay at home mom/dad. Once the female has released her eggs, the male takes care of them from the time they are released to the time the babies – also known as fry – swim away from home.

Siamese fighting fish are a great first pet for a child, because they are very easy to maintain. As long as they have enough room in their tank for just them, some food and a change of clean water every week, they can do very well.