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Spawn Veiltail Betta Male With a Delta Female

Firstly I put a vt male together with a delta female. The male whom i call mr bumpy is a royal blue with redwash and lots of turquoise. The female is a really nice turquoise with no redwash. My aim was to get turquoise babies.

They spawned around the 15th march 2004. There was about 40 all up, 9 have survived. They are mostly gorgeous turquoise, there are some that look to be turquoise with red . Mostly females. sadly all but one have no ventrals. The only one that does has only one. The fry are completely healthy in every other way and can still spawn normal babies with ventrals. I probably overfed the microworms and the fry sat on the bottom and lost their ventrals.

Babies pics – ALL SOLD 15/7/04

On this spawn, there turned out to be 3 males who sprouted some magnificent colours. 7 of 9 fish were turquoise and 2 were royal blue.