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How to name your betta fish

If you just bought a betta fish and have it at your home, but have yet to name it, we can help you name that nameless fish. There are so many names you can give your fish, but you are going to want to name it something that is personal to you. It is your fish, you own it, and the name you give it will add to the bond that you will share with it.

When you name your betta fish, you are going to want a name that means something to you in your life. This could be something that is special to you in your life right now, or it could be something that was special to you as a child. It does not matter when, as long as it is special to you. The reason for this is that you want it to be a name that you will remember. We don’t talk to our fish as much as we do to some other animals, like dogs and cats. This means we most likely won’t be saying the name as much. That makes it more difficult for us to remember our betta’s name since we are not constantly calling it. By using a special name, you will never forget it, and in no time at all, your fish will grow into that name, and you will wonder how you ever thought of naming it something else.

Many people name their betta fish by its physical characteristics or its personality. If the fish looks mean and seems like it never wants to be bothered, you can name it Grumpy. If it swims fast, you can name it Speedy. If it has a spot on its side, you can name it SpotDot, or something similar. Naming a fish by its characteristics will be a name that you will never forget because every time you look at it, you will think of that attribute.

Besides characteristics, you can think of something special in your life to name your betta fish. If you were a fan of Star Trek as a kid, you can name it Captain Kirk or Spock. Children of the 80s can use names from their favorite movies, television shows or cartoon characters. Examples of these would be Bumble BeeDarth VadorE.T.Pac-ManRockyRamboMr. TKnight RiderDaisy Duke, etc. One of these names, or another, may have meant a lot to you back in the days. Why not give your betta fish one of these names?

You can even name your betta fish after a song or music artist you like. If you are a fan of Fergie, Black Eyed Pea could be a good name. You get the idea, be inventive and you will come up with the perfect name.

For today’s generation, good names to think about would be Spongebob, Justin Bieber, the Rock, Lebron James, Nicki Minaj, etc. These are just coming out of the top of my head, you can surely come up with more cute betta fish names. Remember, once you name your fish, it is kind of hard to change it later. Give some serious thought to it, and you will come up with the perfect name.

Some more popular betta fish names: Nemo, Jaws, Tyson, Trump, Pirate, Shark, Surf, Dory, Orca, Fighter.