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What Fish Can Live With Bettas? Two Opposing Answers That Are Both True

There is no denying that the male Siamese fighter fish, or Betta, is one of the most beautiful tropical freshwater fish money can buy. However, many individuals think it is sad to have such a beautiful fish that needs to live a life completely by itself, and they ask themselves, “What fish can live with Bettas?” Surprisingly, there are two different answers to the same question.

The first response to the question, “What fish can live with Bettas?” is that Bettas do not particularly want to live with other fish. By nature, the Betta is a solitary creature that enjoys living alone. He is territorial and will sometimes fight to the death in his attempt to keep what he believes is rightfully his.

Two male Bettas are so prone to fight each other that from the 18th through the early 20th century, they were brought together purposely to spar in match fights until one fish would back off. So intense was their desire to fight that winners were often determined merely by the willingness to continue fighting.

The second response to the question if there is any fish that can live with Bettas is that they can live with only a select few fish. A small sampling of compatible tank mates includes bottom feeders such as the White Cloud Mountain Minnows, Octoclinus and Corydoras Catfish, Olive Nerite Snails, Apple Snails and African Dwarf Frogs.

The Siamese striker fish might be at odds with the frogs simply because they are both carnivores and would share the same food supply. Tank owners should monitor the behavior of their Betta to ensure the frog is not being bullied at feeding time.

Not all creatures are designed to live in harmony with others. However, by paying close attention to the behavioral patterns of your Betta along with its tank mates, individuals can determine how well the their Betta’s personality gets along with others.